Genius Loci

When taking the time to visit places of interest, for me it is the unique, distinctive, authentic and cherished aspect of these places that resinate. 10 years ago I found a ‘spirit of place’ which has an array of interwoven stories, memories, and beliefs with an evolving interpersonal presence. I call it Home.

Key Protaganist

The Eyes are the window to your soul ‘William Shakespeare’. The emotional connections we make with people are often triggered by our memories. Although I have been fortunate enough to work across continents, one of the major characters in my life always ensured that I stayed grounded.

My Story

‘Alexey Pajitnov’ the inventor of Tetris is certainly a key protagonist in igniting my passion for museum and exhibition design. Although the game was a series of two dimensional shapes, its interlocking dialogue was transformative and intuitively helped me develop skills in the manipulation of three dimensional space.