From WW2 To The Rings Of Saturn, ‘Bawdsey Radar’. Suffolk UK

Did you know┬áCassini’s radar instrument was built primarily for studying Saturn’s moon Titan, which has a thick atmosphere that hides its surface. The instrument bounced radio waves off of Titan and captured the reflected waves to see what’s below Titan’s haze, such as lakes, mountains, dunes and so on. The instrument detected how smooth or rough surfaces are, making it useful for studying Titans’s methane seas. Scientists also used it to study Saturn, its rings, and Saturn’s other moons.

‘Become a Bawdsey Boffin and take the trail to discover more about the secrets of Bawdsey.’

On 24th September 1937, RAF Bawdsey became the first fully operational Radar station in the world. Visit Bawdsey Radar and discover more stories from WW2 to the rings of Saturn.

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