The mission of the Florence County Museum is to provide a dynamic sanctuary for the preservation, interpretation and exhibition of objects of scientific, historic, and artistic significance that are unique or of special interest to the people of Florence County and the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

“My idea is to give something of educational value to children, children who never have a chance to see anything authentic. There are so many who never care for things beautiful, they go through life never caring for things artistic. This Museum will mean much to them.”
Jane Evans

Through a range of exhibitions, studios, lectures, and family programming, the Florence County Museum provides visitors of all ages and interests an engaging experience.

  • Project Details

    It is through the dedication and enthusiasm of multiple talented individuals working together, which has enabled the creation and completion of the Florence County Museum experience. Employees of Studio AC have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ongoing FCM story.

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    Florence County Museum © HSD

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    2012 - 2015