Whilst developing Chatsworth Game Larder the approach was to ensure that the interpretation was sympathetic to the physical environment. Helping connect visitors with the original features that can still be ‘read’ within the space and therefore encouraging them to explore the wider landscape.

Spatially the larder afforded some wonderful opportunities to create an imaginative visitor experience that is insightful, thought-provoking and enjoyable.

“from the centre hung an octagon rack with hooks for the smaller birds all ranged in order; and round the wall was another rack for pheasants, hares and rabbits”
John Claudius Loudon, 1842

Audio can be a very effective way of building atmosphere and helping transport visitors to a different time. The focus was on people stories and their experience of working at Chatsworth. For example you can hear the Duke Of Devonshire introduce the history of Chatsworth Game Larder or enjoy Head Gardner – Steve Porter talk about the rich array of plants and fauna.

  • Project Details

    It is through the dedication and enthusiasm of multiple talented individuals working together, which has enabled the creation and completion of the Chatsworth Game Larder experience. Employees of Studio AC have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ongoing Chatsworth story.

  • Client

    Chatsworth House © PLB

  • Year

    2016 - 2017